Who Needs ClassroomParent?

Schools that want to strengthen their community through improved communication and Parent Organizations that waste money and volunteers' time creating their paper directory.

Schools & Teachers – no longer have to maintain their own email lists to communicate with the parents of their students

Parent Associations – offer a tool which promotes communication among parents.

School Teams & Clubs & Committees – have a home for communication, posting materials and maintaining calendars of activities.

Why waste time and money on an antiquated paper directory?

  • Have parents maintain their own information using simple to understand forms
  • Import names and addresses from spreadsheets
  • Update class lists in real-time, as they change
  • Give parents the ability to hide personal information they prefer not to share
  • Give teachers the ability to send emails to their entire class or grade with just a couple clicks

What They're Saying About ClassroomParent

It is so easy to use. I can send a message to the whole school with just a few simple steps. It was a lifesaver during this difficult winter.

Lucy, School Director

As someone who has spent many, many hours using the new volunteer feature, I have to say, it's just about perfect, and makes it so much easier to sign-up for a job, and track those who have signed up. Anyone can use it - Class parties, end of year celebrations, teachers needing supplies.

Christine, Parent Volunteer Coordinator

I am getting more homework assignments turned in on time when I communicate with ClassroomParent.

Kimberly, Middle School Spanish Teacher

ClassroomParent has had a real impact at our school. Our teachers have a cost-effective new tool at their disposal and our PTA has been energized.

Susan, PTA President

I find myself using it nearly everyday

Scott, Elementary School Parent

Yay, I love it! This directory is GREAT!

Nancy, Middle School Parent

I plan on sharing the site with my team at our next team meeting. Very useful!

Kristy, Teacher, 3rd Grade

It is been very helpful in quickly communicating with parents!

Luke, Elementary School PE