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How do I send a message to my whole class?

How can I see if a message sent to a classroom will not be received by some student's parents?

When I try to print the Students without Parents report, the space for parents to write in their information appears on a separate page.

Can I print a directory of contact information for my students classmates?

A parent is duplicated in the database. How can I remove the duplicate?

When printing the Students with Missing Parent Information forms, the fields for the second parent are ending up on a second page, instead of all printing on a single page. How can I get the report to print with one page per student?

When I click to edit my child's information, I am only allowed to edit his name and date of birth. How can I edit his address?

How should I use the Student_Parent import file template to build a list of students and parents to import?

What is the best way to keep parent information up to date?

I am associated with one of my students, but not with another. The second student does not have any parent information.

Can a parent add themselves to an existing group?

How can I export a list of all of the students that don't have parent information?

I am both a parent and a teacher at my school. I would like to receive messages as a parent from my students teachers, but need to be able to access the system as a teacher. How do I do this?

How can I send a message to just the parents in my class or grade without including teachers? I want to arrange a class gift without her knowing.

How can I link an existing parent to another of their students/children?

As a parent, how can I sign up for a volunteer opportunity?

Can I get student and parent contact information imported?

We use the parent directory as a fundraiser. Can we limit access to the site to only parents that have paid for it?

We have a group of students that was created at the beginning of the year, before all of the parent information was entered. Now we have updated the parent information with hundreds more e-mails. Do we need to somehow refresh the group?

How can I remove a parent from the list of class parents for a classroom?

Can a parent who did not subscribe to the directory subscribe for free to the weekly emails and occasional blasts that we will send out using Classroomparent?

My contact information is entered for one of my children but not another. What is the easiest way to have my information associated with my second child?

Can more than one Class Parent be assigned to a classroom?

I am already a parent of child in a different school that uses ClassroomParent. Do i have to set up a separate account to access a new ClassroomParent school?

What are the different roles and permissions ClassroomParent provides?