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All in one web-based, easy-to-use, low cost, mobile-friendly application that makes you a better parent organization.


Beautifully designed to make managing your parents easier

A single login to send email, setup events, manage volunteers, sell school swag, collect dues, and much more.

  • Parents are your volunteers!

    What if parents could sign up for volunteer opportunities, parent teacher conferences, bringing in some needed supplies in 30 seconds and 3 clicks? What if you could organize teams of 2 parents or 200 parents? What if you could do this all from your phone? Done!

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By the Numbers

Kind Words from Happy Clients

"It is so easy to use. I can send a message to the whole school with just a few simple steps. It was a lifesaver during this difficult winter."

Lucy - School Directory

"As someone who has spent many, many hours using the volunteer feature, I have to say, it's just about perfect, and makes it so much easier to sign-up for a job, and track those who have signed up. Anyone can use it - Class parties, end of year celebrations, teachers needing supplies. "

Christine, Parent Volunteer Coordinator

"I am getting more homework assignments turned in on time when I communicate with ClassroomParent."

Kimberly, Middle School Spanish Teacher

"ClassroomParent has had a real impact at our school. Our teachers have a cost-effective new tool at their disposal and our PTA has been energized."

Susan, PTA President

"I find myself using it nearly everyday."

Scott, Elementary School Parent

"Yay, I love it! This directory is GREAT!"

Nancy, Middle School Parent

Reach your parent community, wherever they are, with less software and more impact.

As a parent organization leader or a school administrator, you have a lot of jobs to do. ClassroomParent can help with all of them.

ClassroomParent is designed specifically to reach and engage your parent community,
without the hassle of building and maintaining email lists.

When you need to get the word out

When you need to organize

When you need to raise funds

When you need to help parents connect

Be connected to your community, always.

Pricing to Fit the Size of Your School

We know that schools come in all different sizes. But no matter the school size, they have the same set of needs, but at different volumes. So we are priced to match the size of the school, with a simple and easy-to-understand pricing model. Most of our costs are related to usage of the site, ClassroomParent has become such a potent fundraiser for schools, that it can easily pay for itself through its membership management and promotion, subscription model, and store.,

Covid-19 Spring 2020

$0 /student

  • All benefits
  • All features
    *Text messaging extra
  • No student/parent limit
  • No email/event limit

Year One

$1 /student/year

  • All benefits
  • All features
    *Text messaging extra
  • No student/parent limit
  • No email/event limit

Year Two+

$2 /student/year

  • All benefits
  • All features
    *Text messaging extra
  • No student/parent limit
  • No email/event limit

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